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How does it work?

Its like a Costco or Amazon Prime membership – pay a low one time yearly membership and unlock discounts on all dental services!  You can now even pay monthly. Call Lyon Family Dentistry now to enroll. See below for pricing

Who is it for?

It is best utilized by those that do not have dental insurance through their employer but want to have regular cleanings, check ups and routine care. The membership will pay for itself with the first cleaning. If you are only interested in seeking dental care when a tooth is broken or you are in pain then LyonCare may not be right for you.


  • Adults 15+

    Either pay $25 a month or save $50 and pay the membership in full for the year at $250

  • Children 14 & Below

    Either pay $15 a month or save $50 and pay the membership in full for the year at $150



Two Free
Cleanings & Exams

Free X-rays

20% Off All
Treatment & Services

All Dental
Conditions Accepted

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions please give our office a call. Below are some common questions and brief answers.

Do we take your insurance?

There is a good chance that we do! We partner with as many insurance companies as possible to make dentistry more affordable for you!  We are in network with the following dental insurance companies: Ameritas, Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Best life, Cigna, Delta, Gaurdian, Humana, Principal, Sun Life


No Insurance? No Problem!

Ask about our membership program! LyonCare is designed to make dentistry more affordable for those without insurance.  Click the link to find out more!

Have a tooth problem but no insurance and want to know how much it will cost? ?

The intital exam and xray is $107. From there the doctor will diagnose what is wrong and give you treatment options with the coresponding  prices. No one likes surprises! We try our best to estimate your treatment cost up front and as accurately as possible!

Do we take payments?

Payment is due at the time of service but we do offer third party financing through CareCredit. We are now starting to take payment plans for select cases with DocPay! 

Do you offer sedation?

Although we do not offer full IV sedation we can prescribe an oral sedation pill that will help you relax and make you feel sleepy.  You are fully awake and in control of your body but anxiety is greatly reduced. You will need a driver to and from the dental appointment. We do not recomend oral sedationi if you are pregnant or have glaucoma. We also offer Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas). Laughing gas makes you feel a little less anxious but does not require you to have a driver. You can drive yourself home.

Do you extract wisdom teeth?

We extract wisdom teeth if they are fully errupted, not impacted, and the roots are fairly straight and far away enough from nerve. We will take a panoramic x-ray to determine the degree of difficulty of the extractions. If they are complex, close to your nerve or you want to be fully sedated we will refer you to an oral surgeon. 

Do you do braces?

We do not do traditional braces at our office but we do offer clear aligner therapy. The well known brand for this is Invisilgn, however we use the brand ClearCorrect because there is a significant cost savings for the patient. We stick to mild to moderate cases. If your case is more complex we will likely refer you to an orthodonist to give you the best care possible. Keep in mind most insurance companies do not cover orthodontics and if they do it is generally only for people under the age of 18. The cost depends on the degree of difficulty of your case and how many aligners you need. Cases genrally range from $1,200 to $4,800.

Do you do teeth whitening?

We offer in office bleaching for $199. It is two 20 minutes sessions with powerful but safe bleach. We also offer whitening strips for take home for $20. These are a great affordable option that work just as well but require you to wear 1 strip a day for 20 minutes for 7 days. Unforteuntely, tooth whitening is unpredictable and we cannot guarentee results. It is also important to know that fillings and crowns will not bleach. Therefore if your teeth become whiter your crowns/fillings may need to be replaced to match the new lighter shade.